(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. personal computer, PC, microcomputer, minicomputer, mainframe, laptop computer, home computer, workstation, supercomputer, electronic brain, thinking machine, data processor, word processor, calculator, processor, supermini, superminicomputer, supermicro, master control, number cruncher*, machine, cybernetic organism, digital computer, analog computer, network, neural net, neural network.
Various trademarked brands of computers include: IBM, Apple, Macintosh, Mac, Compaq, Cray, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Digital, NEC, Sun, Amiga.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
calculator, data processor, microprocessor, PC, laptop, *number cruncher, adding machine, *micro, supercomputer, mainframe, workstation, PDA, notebook, Apple, Macintosh, *Mac, IBM , CompaqTM.
AI: artificial intelligence
auxiliary device: peripheral
aversion: cyberphobia
blinking symbol showing where next character will appear on screen: cursor
bps: bits per second
byte: eight bits of memory space
calculating, rows and columns program: spreadsheet
California manufacturing mecca: Silicon Valley
CD, write data or music on to: burn
CD-Rom tray: caddy
chip: microprocessor, integrated circuit
Clarkeís mad computer in 2001, Arthur C.: Hal
clean up hard drive: defrag (defragmentation)
clicker, hand: mouse
communication between, means of: protocol
compaction, data: compression
copies of files to safeguard from accidental loss, make multiple: back up
CPU: Central Processing Unit device enabling communication with other
computers over phone lines: modem (MOdulator, DEModulator)
device enabling computer to read, write info on disks: disk drive
devices, physical: hardware
disrupting prank or criminal program that infects other computers: virus, worm
document-creating programs: word processor; desktop publishing
drafting and blueprint creation system: CAD (Computer Aided Design)
easy to use: user-friendly
engineering process of deciphering how something works by taking it apart: reverse engineering
enthusiast: hacker, *chiphead, *geek
EPROM: erasable memory chip
execute program: run
failure and freeze-up: crashed; down
flaw in software or hardware: bug
giant computer serving multiple users: mainframe
GIGO: garbage in, garbage out
handheld computer, battery-powered: PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), Palm Pilot, organizer
injury from repetitive keyboard work: carpal tunnel syndrome
instructions: program
Internet, connected to the: online
keyboard and monitor portion: terminal
linkage of several computers: network
logic that recognizes partial truths, computer: fuzzy logic
mail sent from one computer user to another: e-mail
main circuit board: motherboard
MP3 format, digitize CDs to: rip
MS-DOS: Microsoft Disk Operating System
multiple things at once, doing: multitasking
network, company: intranet
network, international: the Internet, World Wide Web
operating systems: Linux; Windows; Macintosh, MS-Dos, Unix
options to choose on screen: menu
paper printout: hard copy
paper propelling device: tractor feed
plugged in, where on the computer devices are: port
portable computer, small: laptop, notebook, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), organizer
printout, long paper: *wallpaper
programs: software
RAM, memory chip group or: random access memory
read-only memory chip: ROM
restart computer: reboot
science fiction involving computer culture: cyberpunk
screen, TV-like: monitor
screen imagery designed to protect monitor from permanently burned-in images, moving: screen saver
secret opening designed into program to allow access at later date: trap door
software designed to boost performance of an application: plug-in
software shared free by all: freeware
software supplied free with one’s computer: bundled software
software not ready for general sale, test: beta test software
speech recognition technology: voice recognition, speech recognition
start up computer: boot up
stick-like controller used with games in place of mouse: joystick
storage area, data: memory, cache, hard disk
storage area, temporary data: clipboard
storage medium, data: disk, diskette, floppy disk, cartridge, CD-ROM, Zip disk
superimposed screen within a screen: window
transfer data from your computer to another’s: upload
transfer data from another computer to yours: download
transfer data to memory: store
virus protection program: anti-virus; vaccine; antidote; *DDT
virus type: strain

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